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7 Useful Sleep Tips

We all know the feeling after waking from a long, deep sleep. We're rested, relaxed, and feel like a million bucks.

But for too many folks, this feeling is as elusive as a forgotten dream. Their restlessness prevents them from getting the quality rest their body needs for proper physical and mental recovery.

What can you do to ensure adequate quality sleep? It doesn't have to cost money, and might take but a few minutes of your time.

Try these proven methods to prime your body and mind before hitting the sack.

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Great Books about Exercise
Our personal trainer in Mcloud - Mark Scott ( gives us a list of great book about exercise. "Here is a list of some great books about exercise that I have read. If you are interested in learning more about exercise these will definitely help you. Some are more technical and some are not as much. I will give a brief description so you can decide which one's you might want to read."

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Staying Fit in Oklahoma

Our personal trainer in Mcloud - Mark Scott ( talks about Staying Fit in Oklahoma. "Oklahoma as a whole has not had a good history for being in shape. That being said there are more and more active things to do sprouting up all over Oklahoma, especially in Oklahoma City. In this article there are a few fun, active things happening in Oklahoma that you should definitely be aware of."

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Staying in Shape on Vacation
Our personal trainer in Mcloud - Mark Scott ( tells how to Stay in Shape on Vacation. "Here is the situation, you have been working out hard for a few months but you have a vacation coming up and your worried about losing some of what you have worked so hard for in the gym. So what should you do on vacation? Let's talk about some workout tips so you can stay in shape on vacation."

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Why you should check your trainer's credentials
Our personal trainer in Mcloud - Mark Scott ( answers the question "are you picking the right personal trainer". Currently there is no regulation on what qualifies someone as a personal trainer. This means that anyone can call themselves a personal trainer. This is troubling for people that pay good money for their services because the trainer's advice might be based much more on opinion than science. Find out in this blog if you are picking the right personal trainer.

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Benefits of Bootcamp
Kristi Coughran- Personal Trainer/Instructor at Shape Fitness- Talks about Benefits of Bootcamp Read more


Free Boot Camp Workout
Our personal trainer in Mcloud - Mark Scott ( gives us one of his boot camp work outs to try! "Here is a free boot camp workout that you can try at home! It is also a great workout to do in your hotel when you're on vacation." Read more


What's so cool about personal training?
Our personal trainer in Mcloud - Mark Scott ( talks about the things he likes about his profession of personal training.  

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Weight Loss for Dummies
Our personal trainer in Mcloud - Mark Scott ( summarizes weight loss and has this to say,"In America 69% of adults are overweight (body mass index (BMI) > 25 kg/m2), and 36% are obese (BMI > 30 kg/m2)." (Strength and Conditioning Journal) It is obvious that Americans struggle with weight loss and weight management. But, how should one go about losing and maintaining weight. This article discusses the basics of how to lose and maintain weight. A good program will include all aspects discussed in this article. 

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