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Healthways SilverSneakers (R) Healthways Prime (SM)

Healthways SilverSneakers® is for people over 65 as well as permanently disabled individuals with a Medicare Advantage plan. These members have more time to exercise and this program can easily help with health and mobility problems.

Physical activity for older adults offers many benefits such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle that can make it easier to travel, spend time with grandchildren, or simply enjoy a more mobile life.

Some great ways to get active are to work out for at least 30 minutes for 4 days a week, join in on some of the group classes, include weight training, and more!

As a Healthways SilverSneakers® member, you may be able to receive a membership at little to no cost through your insurance company.


Healthways PrimeSM is a program that focuses on helping people either get healthy or stay healthy by getting many different gym locations to participate in the Healthways fitness program.

This is a program that keeps healthy people healthy, reduces risks by changing health-related behaviors and optimizes care for those with serious health concerns.

As a Healthways PrimeSM member, some members may receive a free membership, while others may have to pay their employer or Healthways a small nominal fee to have a free membership at the 8 participating Shape Fitness locations.


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