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What's so cool about personal training?

Posted May 1, 2014

     What do I like about my profession? There are several things about my profession that I enjoy. One of those things is planning people's workout programs. I am a planner by nature so trying to make a program that is founded on scientific principles tailored to where the individual's fitness level is currently and progressing at a rate I believe their body can handle, taking into account their cardio, weight lifting, stretching programs, and lifestyle factors is an interesting process. And this is an expertise I possess from my education and experience that I believe is of highest value and is one of the greatest things I believe I have to offer as a personal trainer. To get into all the reason for that would take too long, so I will go to my next thing I enjoy about my profession.

     Seeing people get in better shape. I really love it when something a client is doing in the gym has "real world effects", as I might call it. What I mean by this is this, a client told me "I did yard work yesterday and I had enough energy to do it. I wouldn't have be able to do that a few months ago." Or, "skiing this year was the best I've felt skiing in years". When clients start telling me their "real world results" it excites me.

     Seeing people lose weight. Weight loss is probably one of the most visible effects that you see from diet and exercise. So after a few months, seeing that your client is much less a person than what they once were is a good feeling. Know that they put it all the hard work to get there, and your guidance and accountability helped them. It's like if a artist made a painting they really like, but then that painting is up and walking around and they see it all the time. Yeah, that's pretty much what it's like to have weight loss clients.

     Last but not least, is the athlete. Training an athlete is fun because there is a definite sense of purpose in your workouts. Also with an upcoming competition you get to see the effects of your training in action, quite literally! I enjoy getting to coach athletes because of the advanced exercises they can use in training such as a proper squat, deadlifts, power cleans, box jumps, turkish get ups and more. These are fun to coach as well as perform. 

     Well, these are some of the reasons why personal training is a cool profession and why I myself am a personal trainer. Hope you enjoyed getting a view into my profession. 

Mark Scott
Personal Trainer Mcloud, OK
NSCA certified
BS in Exercise Science

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