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Staying Fit in Oklahoma

Posted May 27, 2014

Oklahoma as a whole have not had a good history for being in shape. According to Tulsa, Oklahoma is the "14th fattest city" in America. There are many factors for this, one of the reasons being we tend to drive everywhere. This has some to do with how spread out our cities can be, but also to do with the lack of sidewalks available. Also other factors such as smoking and many others. That being said, there are more and more active things to do sprouting up all over Oklahoma, especially in Oklahoma City. Oklahomans as a whole are becoming more active. So to help you be informed of what fun and active things there are out there in Oklahoma here are a few fun active things happening that you should definitely be aware of. Because, just because Oklahoma has this kind of reputation now, does not mean it has to stay that way.


  • The boat house district in Oklahoma City. This is a great weekend place to spend with family while doing something active and fun. You can rent kayaks or stand up paddle boards for activities on the water. Or, rent bikes and ride on the 13+ miles of trails on the Oklahoma River


  • The rocktown climbing gym in Oklahoma City. This is a vertical playground where you can have fun climbing up and down inside an old grain elevator. Experienced route setters have mounted plastic rock climbing holds to make thought provoking routes. There are routes from anywhere from 10 to 100 feet. They will teach you the basics when you get there. This is definitely a great place to do something active and test you're limits if your in Oklahoma City.


  • Lawton Oklahoma, at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge. This is one of the most beautiful places in Oklahoma if you ask me. It is a spectacular desert environment with granite rock scattered everywhere with the kind of rock quality you would see in Yosemite. It is a great place to hike, rock climb, repel, and camp on the weekends.


  • Ouachita National Recreation Trail. It is 223 miles long starting in Talimena State Park, Oklahoma and ending almost in Little Rock, Arkansas. The trail is in small mountains that when you look at the horizon look similar to the Smoke Mountains. When your hike there, you will see cedar trees and streams everywhere. It reminds me of New Mexico. However, unlike some more popular trails like the Appalachian Trail there are less people so you really feel more secluded. Now for the more faint of heart, the Old Military Road is a 23 mile loop that starts in Talimena State Park, Oklahoma and ends up looping around sending you backwards on the first 8 miles of the Ouachita Trail and ending up where you parked your car. It makes for a great weekend getaway of backpacking. And you get to see some more beautiful parts of Oklahoma.


  • If you are in Midwest City there are two great places to do something fun and active. The first is Regional Park. There are beautiful fields where you can play Frisbee, soccer, or football. There are tennis courts, volleyball courts, golf, and even a pool. If you like running or biking there is a paved trail that is 3 or 4 miles long that circles that park. This is a must visit for Midwest City. Now if you like biking but you would rather go off road there are some good mountain bike trails on Post Road just South of SE 74th on the East side of the street. It is near Draper Lake. If I had to guess I would say there are 15 miles or so of beginner to advanced trails. So grab your friends and family and your bikes and make a Saturday morning out of it.


  • Oklahoma City Zoo. This is a great place to look at some really cool animals all the while walking all day without hardly realizing it. Well now that I told you I will. You can still keep the surprise from your kids ;)


  • And of course if you want some more directed fitness but you still want to be outside and in a group, doing one of my 4 week boot camps, like this last Sunset Boot Camp in Midwest City, is a great way to start your workout program right. The workouts are different every time and you get to do them with other people just like you. 


     That is the list for now. I hope you all try one or two of these fun activities with your friends and family. Then comment about your experience right here in the comment section. And if you think this article is interesting and informative please share it on social media via the options below. Thanks and have a great time staying fit in Oklahoma!

Mark Scott
Personal Trainer Mcloud, OK
NSCA certified
BS in Exercise Science

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