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Benefits of Bootcamp

Posted May 7, 2014



Besides building strength, endurance and improving overall health, bootcamps help promote weight-loss and boost self confidence!!  


By combining workout techniques of form, core training, breathing, stretching and and overall understanding of how the body works, bootcamp can give members the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals.  In approximately four weeks with proper nutrition, many people can drop up to 5-6% overall body fat, and lose 10 lbs. plus.... 


These workouts challenge every muscle in your body, and should keep you moving with little rest in between sets for a solid hour, therefore burning hundreds of calories.  Leaving you energized with a feeling of achievement!  Bootcamp is for all ages, and fitness levels.  There is no discrimination, as long as you have the drive to complete the one hour sessions you will achieve your goals!!  


Bootcamp is a group workout, so it's a GREAT way to meet other people who will help push you closer to meeting your fitness goals. 



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